The following speakers have been confirmed:

  • Professor Robin Williams (Royal Holloway, University of London): Amoeba for brains? Developing a non-animal model for Alzheimer’s disease research
  • Professor Geoffrey Pilkington (University of Portsmouth): In vitro 3D all-human blood-brain barrier model for the investigation of drug delivery and cancer metastasis studies 
  • Professor Charles Knowles and Professor Gareth Sanger (Queen Mary University of London): Functional studies with human gastrointestinal tissues: Raising the bar and challenging the dominance of rodents
  • Professor Martin Garnett (University of Nottingham): New developments in polarised epithelial cell layers for drug and nanoparticle uptake studies
  • Professor Julian Ma (St George's, University of London): Replacing animal derived antibody products with pharmaceutical proteins produced in plants
  • Professor Paul Furlong (Aston University): Clinical neuroimaging: Non-invasive measures of human brain function and their animal replacement potential